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Saturday, 26 March 2011

Rapebook, whoops I mean Facebook

I use Facebook, I won't deny it. When most of the people i know use it, and alot as their preferred contact method, how can i not use it. When i use FB though i remember what it is and follow a few simple rules...

1. If I wouldnt say something to somebody with 100 people listening in, then I DON'T post it on their wall. Use PM

2. If I dont know somebody or 'actually' talk to them, then I DON'T accept their friend request.
'Sure we might bump into eachother once in awhile but seriously, I have no idea about you nor do i want one, why would i give you access to part of my life?'

3. Remember Facebook is a place to communicate with friends, NOT a fucking diary.

I find that these rules accompanied by the privacy features on FB make it a relatively safe and enjoyable service to use. I have 151 friends and 47 friend requests at the time of writing this. According to my own rules my friend list could be a little shorter but I accepted some people that i shouldn't have early in my FB time, and there are possible social consequences if i remove them now. Good friends of friends etc. I can live with it for the moment.
I leave pending, people that I possibly might need to add in future. For example somebody I know is friends with someone but i havn't met them before. They don't belong on my friend list, but they very well could end up there and nobody wants the awkward moment a second time the friend request was sent...

The reason I'm saying all of this is because I, most likely you as well, have an alarming number of 'socialite' friends who are either stupid as hell or have no regard for their personal safety.
Most of them are pretty girls, with 1000's of photos posted online often in bikinis, photos shoots, drunk town pics...
They have 2000+ friends and generally accept any request that comes regardless of who. They will also invite just about anybody that facebook suggests as well, provided they know at least one of their existing 'friends'
They regularly keep all of those 1000's of friends updated throughout the day with where they are, what they are doing, who they are mad at, who they are in love with, how lonely they are are, their insecurities blah blah blah...
Facebook also now lets you 'check in' to locations from your mobile when posting so you can get convenient maps and directions to wherever they are.
Every night before they go to bed they will post they are going to sleep and 'check in' to a place called something like 'home sweet home' or 'the crib' or 'bed :)' and provide a another convenient map to their home.
All that for those thousands of people they don't know.
Add to that the fact you can get a very good profile on someones personality from their facebook, especially if they are into all those gay 'like' pages and fan sites.

Are these girls asking to be raped? The way they treat facebook is not much different from standing in the street, yelling out how sad and lonely they are, and handing out photos of them in bikinis. With their name and address printed on the back accompanied by a convenient map.
You wouldn't do that because we know and understand there are some fucked up people in this world and that's just asking for trouble.
How is FB any different when there are 2000+ strangers in somebodys friend list. 

I have brought the subject up with girls before but say that I'm being 'silly', I posted part of the above on FB and i got hate. 
Am I really the only person who thinks this?


  1. SO real. Why do these people go so public with their facebook eh? Followed!

  2. Well girls are always looking for attention thats just the way it is...and the way we like it ;)...

  3. my facebook acc is just fake. Better that way

  4. All true! I try to keep facebook for longdistance friends or family, and only check it once a week orso ;-P

  5. I think these are all common sense, but we all know that's so hard to come by online.

  6. good blog, nice post, good luck

    + follower:)

  7. you are totally right on this one, spot on. kids should read this before isgning up for facebook

  8. i only allow my closest friends to view my account. this is a good precautionary post. :D

  9. Yeah it's true, but its not like people add me or anything ;(

    Good blog anyway ;D

  10. i just use it to keep in touch with friends, nice blog

  11. You're so telling the truth

  12. I deleted my Facebook seven months ago. This generation of teenagers is going to have a new kind of problem later in life - trying to hide photos of themselves partying from their children!