What is this blogging nonsense? You mean I can say what I want with the possibility of thousands of people being exposed to it, without the social repurcussions of RL...
I'm interested mwahaha
I have a feeling the people around me will come to be thankful I have discovered this wonderful outlet... time will tell.

Thursday, 24 March 2011

It begins...

Aha, so into my hands has been given the ability to share my opinions with the world... you poor bastards.

The thing with opinions is, there are so damn many of them. Maybe if there were less opinions they would have more value. Either way, there is now nothing stopping me from imposing my equally valueless opinion on you all.
To follow will be.. whatever happens to be on my mind, more often than not something that has pissed me off.
Maybe you will laugh, maybe you will rage, i welcome it all. Let it begin, that is all.

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